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YMCA Youth Programs | Tri-Cities, WA
Social, Moral, & Spiritual Development
YMCA Youth Programs | Tri-Cities, WA
YMCA Youth Programs | Tri-Cities, WA
Healthy Habits
YMCA Youth Programs | Tri-Cities, WA
Social Studies
YMCA Youth Programs | Tri-Cities, WA
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YMCA Youth Programs | Tri-Cities, WA


Our Early Childhood Learning Centers are full day Kindergarten readiness programs focused on preparing children for a lifetime of learning. The first five years in your child’s life are the most formative ones in his/her entire development. We hope that your family, and especially your children, can feel at home in our center. We assure you that our nurturing, friendly staff will make your time here an experience to remember.

Both of our Early Childhood Learning Centers are licensed by the State of Washington’s Department of Early Learning.


Looking for your Year-end Tax Statement?

Statements were emailed the second week of January, if you can’t find it, you can download your statement from our Webtime system. Accessing Tax Statement From Webtime:

Log in to your existing Webtime account, please do not create a new account.  If you are unsure about your account or password, give the Y office a call (374-1908) or simply click on “Forgot Password” to receive an email with your password.

Once logged in, click on “My Programs and Balances” then you will find a button on the right corner above your balance that says “Family Tax Statement”. If you do not see this button please call our office for further assistance.


Ensuring children are safe from abuse and able to learn, grow and thrive is the highest priority of the YMCA. We are committed to creating programs that protect children from abuse, but we are also committed to providing our families and community with information to keep kids safe everywhere. Learn more here 

Reporting Suspected Abuse

Hotline - call 1-866-ENDHARM (1-866-363-4276), Washington State's toll-free, 24-hour, 7 day-a-week hotline that will connect you directly to the appropriate local office to report suspected child abuse or neglect.


No matter how many hours children spend in child care, we know that family is the most important structure in their lives. Like all Y programs, child care is open to all, with financial aid available. YMCA Preschool Staff work in partnership with parents to help kids grow up healthy, happy and strong. We’d love to meet you and show you around our Early Childhood Learning Center.


Our curriculum is based on the Y’s Creative Curriculum. We encourage your child to explore, ask questions, to be creative, and to make choices and decisions. We offer an environment in which your child feels secure to practice social skills and to learn to solve conflicts constructively.



  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Arts
  • Technology
  • Healthy Habits
  • Social, Moral and Spiritual Development

Fees, Locations, and Hours

Upon registration, families are required to pay an annual $50 non-refundable registration fee. After you have registered for the preschool, families pay a monthly flat rate.  All payments must be paid in full 5th of the month.  Like all Y programs, the Early Childhood Learning Center is open to everyone; we accept DSHS payments.

Full-Time Care Only

Ages 2.5-3 – $990 per month
Ages 4-5 – $990 per month

Rates include breakfast and two snacks.

Richland YMCA Preschool:

Monday through Friday 7:00am-6:00pm
1234 Columbia Park Trail, Richland WA 99352

Kennewick YMCA Preschool:

Monday through Friday 7:00am-6:00pm
741 S. Dayton Street, Kennewick WA 99336

Steps to Registering

  1. Call our office at 374-1908 to check for availability.
  2. Schedule a tour and plan to bring your preschooler with you.
  3. Once you have all your questions answered and we have gotten to know your preschooler, enrollment takes place at the YMCA office.

What you will need with you to register:

  1. Insurance/Medical Cards
  2. Child(ren)’s physician, name and contact number
  3. Emergency contact information (other than parent/guardian)
  4. State Immunization Records (required) to have all filled out before you come to register. The State of Washington just published a new version of the Immunization Records form. As of July, 2011, all Immunization records from older forms will have to be transferred to the new form. Please download the newest version above.
  5. Names, addresses, phone numbers of persons authorized to pick up your child(ren) from child care site
  6. DSHS Families: Pre-authorization paper work is required at time of registration

* Call the YMCA office to find out program site provider number (required by DSHS)
* Work with DSHS to become authorized
* Contact the YMCA to confirm we’ve received your pre-authorization paperwork needed to register

Required Registration Forms:

  • pdf-download

    Registration Form

  • pdf-download

    Parent Handbook

  • pdf-download

    Immunization Exemption Form

Additional Forms and Information:

  • pdf-download

    DSHS Instructions

  • pdf-download

    Immunization Exemption Form

  • pdf-download

    Financial Assistance Application

  • pdf-download

    Medication Authorization Form

  • pdf-download

    Health Care Plan

  • pdf-download

    Change/Cancellation Form

Financial Assistance Funding made possible by generous donors to the YMCA of the Greater Tri-Cities.


The State of Washington has mandated that licensed Child Care providers track attendance electronically.  Our YMCA's school age child care, preschool and camp sites are now using KidKiosk to keep attendance for electronic Sign in/out.  With KidKiosk you will be able to sign your child in/out of the YMCA program. You will also be able to add/remove Drop off and Pick up Authorizations through KidKiosk.

KidKiosk PIN

  • All authorized individuals will be issued a 4-digit PIN. This PIN is specifically linked to each person’s email. ALL authorized persons dropping off AND picking up will be responsible for using their own PIN and electronic signature to check a child IN and OUT. This PIN may not be shared.

KidKiosk Parent Portal

  • Only the primary parent/guardian’s email is authorized to log into KidKiosk’s Parent Portal using their email as the username and the 4-digit PIN as the password. To access the Parent Portal, go to KidKiosk.com then select the “Parent Tab” to log in.
  • The Parent Portal allows the parent to add/change check in and out authorizations. Any additional people that are needing to be authorized to check in/out a child will have to be added by the primary parent/guardian in KidKiosk.

For more assistance on navigating KidKiosk, please click here


What does it mean to be the primary parent/guardian?

  • The primary parent/guardian will have access to WebTime and KidKiosk. Only the primary parent/guardian’s email will be used to log into and access these programs.
  • The primary and secondary parent/guardian will receive notification emails when another authorized person checks a child in and out.
  • If parents are co-parenting, we recommend using a primary email that both parents have access to. Please keep in mind that the secondary parent/guardian must have their own email to receive their own personalized PIN.

What does it mean to be the secondary parent/guardian?

  • The secondary parent/guardian will be able to access WebTime BUT ONLY if the primary parent share’s their account log in information.
  • The secondary parent/guardian will be added to KidKiosk and receive their personalized PIN via the email they provided during registration.
  • The secondary parent/guardian will receive notification emails when another authorized person checks a child in and out.

Financial Assistance/DSHS

  • If you cannot afford the full cost of a program, please ask for a confidential scholarship application. Financial assistance, to the extent possible, is available to those in need.
  • DSHS Subsidies: Full time DSHS subsidies are accepted. DSHS approval, completed camp registration packet, including Camp Attendance Agreement are required for registration and participation.
  • Financial Assistance Funding made possible by generous donations to the YMCA of the Greater Tri-Cities Annual Campaign and support by the United Way of Benton-Franklin Counties.
  • pdf-download

    DSHS Instructions

  • pdf-download

    Financial Assistance Application

Download Forms

Sports Registration


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