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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is your gym/pool/showers?

The YMCA in the Tri-Cities is a non-facility Y; we do not have a gymnasium, pool, showers or traditional workout facility.

Do you have meeting rooms available for community use?

We do not have meeting rooms available for community use.

Do you have care for my 1 year old?

We are licensed to provide care for toddlers ages 2 ½ – 5 years of age.

Does your preschool accept drop-ins?

The Early Learning Childhood Center only accepts full time, it is not set up to take drop-ins.

Do you accept DSHS? What are the steps?

The Y is a State of Washington licensed Child Care provider, we do accept DSHS payment. The Parent/guardian must call our office to get the site’s provider number, registration fee and daily rate fee information. The Parent/guardian can then call DSHS to request authorization.  Please ask DSHS to email the Y an authorization.  After The Y office has received authorization, the parent/guardian can come in to the office, with immunization records, to register. If there is a co-pay, this will need to be paid at the time of registration. You can download our DSHS Instructions.

Does DSHS provide funds for Summer Camp?

Yes, DSHS will provide funds for a child to attend Summer Day Camp, it’s considered Child Care by the State of Washington.

I can’t afford care, but I’m also not qualified for DSHS, what are my other options?

The Y does have a scholarship program available for those who need the assistance, but do not qualify for DSHS. Please call the Y office to set up an appointment; you can download our Financial Assistance application to get started.

What are your income guidelines for scholarships?

We don’t post our income guidelines as we know there are often other issues that impact scholarships needs. This is something we can talk about when you meet with us.

Do I need to provide all documents for a sports scholarship?

For a sports scholarship all we need is a completed Financial Assistance application.

I want my child to play YMCA sports, how old do they have to be to sign up?

All of our sports except flag football start at age 3. Children must be of age by the starting date of the season.

Can my child play up or down an age group?

To play up or down in an age group it must be approved by the Sports Director.

What does a membership include, and what are the benefits?

The membership is good for a year and allows members to register for sports a week before community registration and allows members to get a discounted price on each sport they register for within that year of membership and on other programs the Y offers throughout the year.

Can I mail in my sport registration?

If a parent can’t make it into our office for a sport registration then it can be mailed. Please call the office ahead of time to check for availability.

Do you offer swim lessons?

We do not offer swim lessons.

My child is playing a sport, how will I know if/when games are cancelled?

If the coach cancels a game, the coach will contact you via email or phone. If games are cancelled by the YMCA, the Sports Director will place cancellation information on Playerspace, our website and Facebook page after 4pm for weeknight sports and by 8:00am for weekend sports. It is important to keep the Y and your coach informed of any phone number or email changes as to not miss out of important information.

Can I move my child to another team?

The YMCA registers players on a first come, first serve basis. If there are openings on a team you want to move to, we will make every effort to honor your request. This is not a guarantee. If for any reason you need to change teams, changes must be done prior to the first scheduled game.  There will be a $5.00 fee for changing teams.

My child attends half-day kindergarten and I need care, what are my options with YMCA before/after school care?

Cottonwood and Ridge View are the only two schools with half-day kindergarten programs. The Y does not have a program for half-day kindergarten, the school’s gymnasium is used for our before and after school program so our staff are only at the school before and after regular school hours. If the child is AM kindergarten, we can only provide before school care. If the child is PM kindergarten, we can only provide after school care.

Is breakfast served at the child care sites?

YMCA does not serve breakfast or a morning snack at the sites. Children are able to participate in the school’s breakfast program. If your child doesn’t participate in the school’s breakfast program you can pack them breakfast.

Someone who is not on the pick-up list needs to pick up my child, is that possible?

Yes it is, you will need to contact our YMCA office and fax us a written authorization providing us the person’s name, we will then contact you at a number on your registration form to confirm the one time approval.

Can a copy of the immunization card be used instead of the form in the packet?

State licensing rules requires us to use the current immunization form provided by the state. If you were in our program last year we will have the previous year’s record on file at our office to assist you.

Does your School-Age program accept drop in care?

No, you must register your child for the care needed in advance to sending them to YMCA.

Can I pay my child care bill on-line/Over the phone/at the child care site?

You may make payments on-line however, we do not take payments over the phone. For safety reasons Child Care site staff cannot accept payments at the site. Any payments must be brought into our office or mailed in. If mailing your payment, please make sure your child’s first and last name is in the memo field and mail in time for the payment to arrive at our office by the 5th.

I can’t make it to your office to pay during business hours; do you have a drop box?

If dropping off payment at our Columbia Park Trail office you can put a check with the child’s first and last name in an envelope and slide it under our door. If dropping off payment at our Dayton office in Kennewick you can put a check in our mailbox. Please remember to include the child’s first and last name.

My child is signed up for PM child care only. I work an occasional early morning shift and I may need AM care one or two times per month. Is that possible and what would the cost be?

If your child is signed up for just AM or PM care the child can use an afternoon or morning if it is not what they normally use. There will be an extra $25 fee for each morning or afternoon the child uses outside their normal schedule.

Can I mail in a child care or preschool registration form?

No, all child care and preschool registration forms MUST be brought into our office to complete registration.

My child already attends your school-age child care program. Do I still need to fill out registration forms for winter break, spring break and summer care?

Yes, each one of our programs requires a different registration form, however we have shortened our Winter & Spring break forms.

My child will not be needing care for winter break, spring break or summer break do I still have to pay for those days?

You will not have to pay for those days; your monthly bill for the month including winter break or spring break will be prorated if your child is signed up for a full time schedule. For summer break you will not have to pay for it unless you register for Summer Camp.

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