Summer Heat Policy When in Doubt, Sit it Out


When warm weather conditions become extreme, please remember the following:

Take frequent rest and water breaks.
Drink water before you are thirsty. By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated
Wear light, loose-fitting clothing made of breathable fabric light in color.
Listen to your body. Stop if you feel chest pain, dizzy, lightheaded, or nauseated.

View the YMCA’s Heat Policy

Summer Inclement Weather Policy
The Sports Director will determine the official temperature and inclement weather conditions to make a decision on games. Decisions on game cancelations will be made after 4:00 pm. Updates will be posted at and on our Facebook page. The YMCA will guarantee one make-up game per season due to the weather. Coaches are asked to use these guidelines in determining practice conditions and cancellations. When determining the temperature the Sports Director will use the website WeatherBug at
Heat Policy
For the safety of the players, the YMCA will cancel soccer games if the temperature reaches 104 degrees or above. If there is a heat index of 104 degrees or above, activities will be canceled as well. Any combination of the two will result in cancelation.

For more information,
View the YMCA’s Heat Policy

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