The Power of Yet

By Larisa Poirier

One word. Three letters. Unlimited power!

Instead of focusing on just the final product, it is important that we focus on the entire process. This applies when learning any new skills or expanding skills that our preschoolers already possess. Every step in the process of learning/exploring is important during the early years, and it is crucial to each child’s development that we acknowledge all the little steps leading up to success.

What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset allows us to keep trying, to try different strategies, and to respond to challenges in more positive ways. Knowing that the brain can grow, change, and become stronger in areas that are challenging right now can help students become more engaged when facing obstacles. This includes trying again and discovering how mistakes really do help us learn.

Toddlers are a great example of the power of yet. What if a toddler just topples over when learning to walk and never tries again? They would never learn this new skill. Toddlers are amazing examples of the power of yet because they learn by trying repeatedly.

What does a growth mindset look like?

“I can’t do this” —— “I can’t do this YET.”
“I can’t ride a bike” —— “I can’t ride a bike YET.”
“I can’t do this dance” —— “I can’t do this dance YET.”
“I can’t spell my name” —— “I can’t spell my name YET.”

Larisa Poirier is the Richland YMCA Preschool Director.
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